The Roosevelts and the Royals by Will Swift
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The Roosevelts and The Royals by Will Swift
The Roosevelts and The Royals is the first joint biography of the Roosevelt and Windsor dynasties and the first book about The Queen Mother's life to be published since her death in 2002. Amazingly, it is only the second biography to cover Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt's entire lives (James McGregor Burns' The Three Roosevelts does this as well.)

The Roosevelt's and the Royals is also the first book to:

detail the 100 year friendship and alliance between the Roosevelt family and the British royal family

correct the historical record by demonstrating the importance of the king and queen's 1939 visit in healing British-American relations at a perilous time (FDR called it "a beginning of the coming together of the two English-speaking races, which would continue after the war.")

cover the entire 1939 state visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Washington and New York and show how the 1939 royal visit to the U.S. was the symbolic end of the American revolution

place the king and queen's friendship with the Roosevelts and their historic 1939 visit in the context of the British propaganda campaign to win isolationist America to Britain's side before and during World War II. America would gradually offer material aid and later troops during the war.

show how the German sympathies of the Duke of Windsor and Ambassador Joseph Kennedy threatened to sabotage the Roosevelts, the royal family and the Anglo-American alliance

compare the two intriguing, but radically different marriages of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt

detail Eleanor's intimate relationships with Lorena Hickok, Joe Lash, and David Gurewitsch and Franklin's with Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd, Laura Delano, Daisy Suckley, Missy LeHand, and Crown Princess Märtha of Norway.

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The Roosevelts and the Royals
Franklin and Eleanor, The King and Queen of England, and the Friendship that Changed History

by Will Swift
John Wiley & Sons: June 2004; ISBN: 0-471-45962-3; Hardcover; 384 pages
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